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Stocker Cattle Management

April 2020: Efficacy of Mineral Supplementation to Growing Cattle Grazing Winter-Wheat Pasture in Northwestern Oklahoma


November 2018: Evaluation of Salt and Trace Mineral Sources and Growth Implants on Performance of Stocker Cattle


March 2018: Effects of Frequency of Protein Supplementation on Performance by Beef Calves Grazing Dormant Native Range


August 2017: Effect of Trace Mineral Source on Grazing Stocker Cattle Performance


June 2016: Effects of Monensin on Performance of Growing Steers Grazing Wheat Pasture

June 2015:  Distillers Grains Supplementation Strategy for Grazing Stocker Cattle

April 2015:   Effect of Implant Timing on Health and Performance of Newly Received Stocker Cattle

Nov 2013:  Can DDGS be Fed on the Ground?

Oct 2013:  Effect of Stacking Technologies on Stocker Cattle Performance
Oct 2013:  Effect of Diet (High Moisture vs. Dry) with and without Hay on Shrink in feeder Cattle

May 2013:  Carryover Effects of Stocker Cattle Systems on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics
April 2013:  Effect of Monensin Supplied via Mineral or Pressed Protein Block With or Without Growth Implants on Performance of Steers Grazing Wheat Pasture

Dec 2011:  Effects of USDA Feeder Cattle Frame Grade on Cattle Performance and Profitability

Oct 2011:  Comparison of Feeding DDGS in a Bunk or on the Ground to Grazing Cattle

Dec 2010:  Effect of Mineral Supplementation on Performance of Cattle Grazing Winter Wheat Pasture

Dec 2009:  Effect of Energy Supplementation of Grazing Stocker Cattle on Subsequent Feedlot Performance and Carcass Traits

Dec 2008:  Interval Feeding of Supplements

March 2007:  Effect of Method and Timing of Castration on Newly Arrived Stocker Cattle

Aug 2006:  Influence of Stocking Rate and Growth Implants on Performance of Steers

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