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Replacement Heifers


January 2020: Effect of Dam Age on Heifer Progeny Performance and Longevity


November 2019: Effect of Calving period on Beef Cow Longevity and Lifetime Productivity in Western Canada


August 2019: Effects of Injectable Trace Minerals on Reproductive Performance of Beef Heifers in Adequate Trace Mineral Status


August 2019: Effect of Repeated Trace Mineral Injections on Beef Heifer Development and Reproductive Performance


July 2019: Effect of Precipitation Received during Gestation on Progeny Performance in Brangus Cattle


June 2019: Effects of Growth-Promoting Implants Administered during the Suckling Phase on Growth, Conception Rates, and Longevity in Replacement Beef Heifers


January 2019: Production and Economic Effects of Developing Heifers on Three Different Levels of Single Stair-Step Nutrition Programs


June 2018: Impacts of Stocking Density on Growth and Puberty Attainment of Replacement Beef Heifers


December 2017: The Effect of Precipitation Received during Gestation on Progeny Performance in Beef Cattle 


November 2016: Effects of Trace Mineral Source on Bull and Heifer Development

Feb 2015:  Beef Heifer Growth and Reproductive Performance following Two Levels of Pasture Allowance

Jan 2015:  Effect of Nutritional Regimen on the Onset of Puberty in Beef Heifers

Nov 2014:  Effect of Development System on Growth and Reproductive Performance of Beef Heifers

Oct 2014:   Effect of Pubertal Status and Number of Estrous Cycles prior to the Breeding Season on Pregnancy Rates in Beef Heifers

Sept 2013:  Effect of Postweaning Diet on Fertility in Replacement Beef Heifers

March 2013:  Effect of Calving Distribution on Beef Cattle Progeny Performance

Feb 2013:  Differences in Lifetime Productivity of Beef Heifers that Conceived to AI or Clean-up Bulls as a Yearling

Oct 2012:  Evaluating Conventional and Sexed Semen in a Commercial Beef Heifer Program

Oct 2012:  Influence of Organic versus Inorganic Trace Mineral Supplementation on Bull Semen Quality
May 2012:  Nutritional Aspects of Developing Replacement Heifers

May 2012:  Effect of Heifer Calving Date on Longevity and Lifetime Productivity

Aug 2011:  Effect of Calving Period on Gains, Reproduction, and First Calf Characteristics of Heifer Progeny

April 2011:  Feeding Interval Effects on Growth, Puberty, and Pregnancy Rates in Beef Heifers

Jan 2011:  Genetics of Calving Date and Age at First Calving in Angus Heifers

Nov 2009:  Effects of Acclimation to Handling on Performance of Brahman-crossbred Females

July 2009:  Effect of Body Condition Score on Heifer Performance

Jan 2006:  Influence of Creep Feeding & Protein Level on Maternal Performance of Replacement Heifers

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