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May 2020: Effects of Various Ractopamine Hydrochloride Withdrawal Periods on Performance and Carcass Characteristics in Feedlot Steers


December 2019: Trends in "Natural" Value-Added Calf Programs at Superior Livestock Video Auction


June 2019: Effects of Growth-Promoting Implants Administered during the Suckling Phase on Growth, Conception Rates, and Longevity in Replacement Beef Heifers


December 2018: Growth Implants for Nursing Calves - Effect of Growth Implant at Branding in Suckling Steers Prior to Weaning and Use of Anabolic Implants in Calves to Increase Weaning Weight and Backgrounding Gains


November 2018: Evaluation of Salt and Trace Mineral Sources and Growth Implants on Performance of Stocker Cattle


June 2017: Effects of Ralgro at Branding and Revalor-G at Weaning on Growth Performance of Steer Calves


June 2017: Effect of Suckling Phase Implants on Weaning Weight, and Post-Weaning Performance of Steer Calves 


January 2017: The Effect of Supplemental Zinc-Amino Acid Complex and Ractopamine Hydrochloride on the Performance of Finishing Beef Cattle

June 2016: Effects of Monensin on Performance of Growing Steers Grazing Wheat Pasture

Jan 2016:  Effects of Beef Production System (Conventional vs. Natural) on Cattle Performance

Dec 2015:  The Effect of Implant Status on Sale Price of Beef Calves Sold through a Video Auction Service (2010 - 2013)

Oct 2015:  Effect of Suckling Calf Implant on Weaning Weight and Subsequent Feedlot Performance

April 2015:   Effect of Implant Timing on Health and Performance of Newly Received Stocker Cattle

Feb 2015:  Effects of Beef Production System (Conventional vs. Natural) on Cattle Performance

Dec 2014:  Implants for Feedlot Steers:  A Meta-Analysis

Feb 2014:  Implants and Meat Quality

April 2013: Summary of Effect of Monensin on Beef Feedlot Cattle Performance

April 2013:  Effect of Monensin Supplied via Mineral or Pressed Protein Block with or without Growth Implants on Performance of Steers Grazing Wheat Pasture

Jan 2010:  Growth Technologies:  Performance Benefits and Quality Considerations

April 2008:  The Costs Associated with Reimplanting Feedlot Cattle

March 2008:  Effects of Optaflexx on Palatability

Nov 2007:  Effects of Heifer Finishing Implants on Beef Carcass Traits and Meat Tenderness

Aug 2006:  Influence of Stocking Rate and Growth Implants on Performance of Steers

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