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Cow/Calf Management

October 2019: Strategies for Managing Open Beef Cows


May 2019: The Effect of Cow Udder Score on Cow/Calf performance


December 2018: Growth Implants for Nursing Calves - Effect of Growth Implant at Branding in Suckling Steers Prior to Weaning and Use of Anabolic Implants in Calves to Increase Weaning Weight and Backgrounding Gains 


May 2018: Effect of Band and Knife Castration of Beef Calves of Different Ages


February 2018: Effect of Milk Production in Beef Cows on Post-Weaning Performance of Their Progeny 


January 2018: The Age of Surgical Castration Affects the Healing Process in Beef Calves


June 2017: Effects of Ralgro at Branding and Revalor-G at Weaning on Growth Performance of Steer Calves


June 2017: Effect of Suckling Phase Implants on Weaning Weight, and Post-Weaning Performance of Steer Calves


March 2017: Comparison of Timed Artificial Insemination vs. Modified Estrus Detection Protocol in Beef Heifers


March 2017: Effects of Breeding System (Natural Service vs. Artificial Insemination) on Reproduction in Commercial Beef Cow Herds


February 2017: Does Increased Milk Production in Beef Cows Increase Cow-Calf Productivity?


December 2016: Effect of Cow Size and Age on Economic Beef Production


November 2016: Effects of Trace Mineral Source on Bull and Heifer Development

July 2016: Economics of Rebreeding Non-Pregnant Females

April 2016: Utilization of Fixed-time Artificial Insemination to Reduce Breeding Season Length: Case Study

March 2016: Effect of Dam Age on Offspring Productivity

Feb 2016:  Effect of Drought on Weaning Weight and Efficiency Relative to Cow Size in Semiarid Rangeland

Oct 2015:  Effect of Suckling Calf Implant on Weaning Weight and Subsequent Feedlot Performance

July 2015:  Effect of Castration Timing on Growth Performance and Carcass Quality of Beef Calves

March 2015:  Effect of Early Weaning on Cow Performance

Jan 2015:  Effects of Dietary Energy Density and Intake Restriction on Maintenance Energy Requirements of Beef Cows

Nov 2014:  Economic Analysis of Cow Longevity

Aug 2014:  Effects of Alternate Day Feeding of Hay and Distiller's Grains on Beef Cow Performance
March 2014:  Effects of Body Condition and Late Gestation DDGS Supplementation on Cow Performance

Jan 2014:  Effect of Cow Body Size on Calf Weaning Weight
Nov 2013:  Effects of Frequency of Dried Distillers Grains Supplementation on Cattle Performance

Sept 2013:  Effect of Diet Fed to Beef Cows before Calving on Feedlot Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Progeny

June 2013:  Effect of Corn- and Soybean Hull-Based Creep Feeds and Backgrounding Diets on Lifelong Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Beef Calves
May 2013:  Performance of Calves Weaned in the Morning or Evening using Either Fence-line or Traditional Weaning Methods
March 2013:  Effect of Calving Distribution on Beef Cattle Progeny Performance

Feb 2013:  Differences in Lifetime Productivity of Beef Heifers that Conceived to AI or Clean-up Bulls as a Yearling

Feb 2013:  Economics of Estrous Synchronization and Timed Artificial Insemination in Beef Cows

Dec 2012:  Effect of Timing of Deworming on Response to Vaccination in Calves
Oct 2012:  Evaluating Conventional and Sexed Semen in a Commercial Beef Heifer Program
Sept 2012:  Protein Supplementation of Cattle Consuming Low-Quality Cool- or Warm-Season Forage

Aug 2012:  Effects of Energy Supplementation Frequency and Forage Quality on Performance and Reproductive Responses of Replacement Beef Heifers

April 2012:  Timing of Castration in Nursing Calves

March 2012:  Evaluation of Beef Cow and Calf Separation Systems to Improve Reproductive Performance of First-Calf Cows

Jan 2012:  Relationship between Climatic Conditions and the Incidence of Calving

Jan 2012:  Does Rectal Palpation Effect Pregnancy Loss?

Aug 2011:  Effect of Level of Supplemental Protein and Interval Feeding on Utilization of Low-Quality Forage

June 2011:  Limit Feeding of Hay to Cows

May 2011:  Effects of Quality Defects on Market Beef Cow Selling Prices

March 2011:  Effects of Body Condition on Performance of Beef Cows Grazing Different Forages

Jan 2011:  Effects of Body Condition and Late Gestation Supplementation on Cow and Calf Performance

Nov 2010:  Effects of Maternal Nutrition on Progeny Performance

Oct 2010:  Breed and Heterosis Effects for Growth and Carcass Traits in Cattle

Sept 2010:  Fetal Losses from Using Ultrasonography or Rectal Palpation for Pregnancy Diagnosis

March 2010:  Impact of Reducing Length of Calving Season

Feb 2010:  Breeding Cost for Artificial Insemination vs. Natural Service

Nov 2009:  Effects of Acclimation to Handling on Performance of Brahman-crossbred Females

Aug 2009:  Effect of Calf Weaning Age on Cow Performance

Feb 2009:  Effects of Alternative Weaning Methods on Behavior and Performance of Beef Calves

Dec 2008:  Interval Feeding of Supplements

Nov 2008:  Effect of Hay Feeding Methods on Cow Performance

Oct 2008:  Calving vs. Time of Feeding

Jan 2006:  Effects of Trace Mineral Source on Cow Productivity

Dec 2005:  Restricting Hay Intake of Beef Cows

Oct 2005:  Weaning Beef Calves in Two Stages

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